Amândio e Silva

We design, manufacture, assemble and maintain metal, industrial and civil constructions, no matter how challenging and demanding the circumstances.

Turnkey solution, so your project can be carried out in a single location.

We have a broad array of equipment – from the lightest to the heaviest – which allows us to be autonomous, work fast and meet deadlines.

We are specialists in injecting life into and restoring the history of run-down buildings, whether they be façades, roofs or the interiors.

All our work is modelled in 3D, using the most up-to-date CAD tools on the market, and the production schedule is planned using IT applications.

Foundations in reinforced concrete, metal platforms, installation of equipment or repairs to flooring and roofing are recurrent and daily tasks for our industrial clients.

We have across-the-board flooring solutions to meet the needs of industrial manufacturing plants, shops, cultural venues, schools and hospitals, among others.

We are specialised in the construction of networks for sanitation, rainwater drainage, water supply and other infrastructures such as telecommunications, gas, etc.

We have years of experience in a wide range of railway works, from building new infrastructures to line renewals.

Why Amândio Silva?


We have in-depth knowledge of the current demands of the market and anticipate its needs, leading to a high-performance result.

LICENCE No. 34140

We undertake to fully comply with all the legal, scientific, technical and regulatory requirements for every job.


Our client satisfaction index is around 100%, and we give a lifetime guarantee on fulfilling the project.


Tintas CIN

Public Construction and Works

Hotel Savoy Palace

Metal construction

Báscula Rodo-Ferroviária

Railway Works

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